Pass Guarantee

Academic Review's Social Work Pass Guarantee

Our Pass Guarantee was written with your success in mind. We consider each step in this process essential.

To be eligible for our Pass Guarantee, the following must be completed:

  1. Purchase a 180-Day Subscription or extend your monthly subscription until you total a minimum of 120 days continuously or more in the program (with no break in your subscription) and:
    • Take and complete one Diagnostic Assessment prior to taking the licensing exam.
    • Take and complete all of the questions in the Domain Quizzes area prior to taking the licensing exam.
    • Take at least 12 full-length Mock Exams prior to taking the licensing exam.
    • Must have a 75% or higher passing rate in the last Mock Exam before taking the licensing exam.
  2. Study for at least 300 hours in the Online Program prior to taking the licensing exam.
  3. Take the licensing exam within 1 month of completing the last Mock Exam.
  4. Provide your test results and contact our office within 30 days of taking the exam.

If you follow all of these steps and do not pass your licensing exam, we will provide you with an additional 120-Day Subscription! (All policies are subject to change without notice.)