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About Academic Review

40 Years of Exam Preparation Excellence

Since 1976, Academic Review has provided cutting-edge licensing examination preparation materials and continuing education for mental health professionals across the US and Canada. Within those 40 years Academic Review has assisted thousands of Psychologists and Social Workers with the tools necessary to pass their exams and obtain their license.

How is Academic Review different? Most other exam preparation providers provide excess tools and piles of books that take you right back to your college days. Not Academic Review. We have distilled the most important information and strategies and approach the exam with a Learning Through Testing Method, which is supported by an all-in-one online study testing program.

Not only has this practice method been proven successful in helping those prepare and pass the exam, it also allows us to provide superior exam guidance, while keeping affordable prices.

We understand you are just finishing your degree and may not have thousands to spend on boxes of new study materials. That is why we have developed a program with no frills and extras, just the distilled crucial aspects of test-taking and knowledge that you need to pass.

With superior study programs easily accessible from anywhere, Academic Review offers the best opportunity to pass your licensing exam.

Our team of experts, many who have been with our company for nearly 20 years, teach at our training events and continually enhance our materials so you get the most up-to-date testing materials.

Academic Review also provides Continuing Education courses to keep your career interesting and exciting and to maintain your license at the very best price!

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