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  • Assessment Exam
  • Domain Quizzes
  • Practice Exams
  • 5 Digital Study Volumes
  • 2,200 Questions
  • 680 Online Flashcards



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  • Assessment Exam
  • Domain Quizzes
  • Practice Exams
  • 5 Digital Study Volumes
  • 2,200 Questions
  • 680 Online Flashcards
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What You Get With Our EPPP Exam Prep Study Programs


Study Volumes

Elevate your study experience with our Online Study Volumes — digitally designed to tackle the challenging landscapes of the 8 EPPP domains.

Practice Questions

Over 2,200 Questions

Kickstart your exam prep journey with an Assessment Exam, enhance your skills through practice tests, and reinforce specific EPPP areas with targeted quizzes.

Virtual Flashcards

Over 600 Virtual Flashcards

Maximize your study efficiency by tackling material in short, focused sessions. Support your long-term memory by revisiting concepts through our helpful flashcards.

Unlimited Exams

Unlimited Practice Exams

Take as many practice exams as you want — there's no limit. Refine your skills and prepare thoroughly with unlimited practice exams that simulate the actual EPPP testing experience.

How AR Works

How Academic Review Works

Step 1: Assessment

Begin your studies with an Assessment Exam. It's the perfect tool to uncover your baseline score and get a sense of each of the diverse exam domains.

Step 2: Learn Content

Learn the content of the EPPP in our comprehensive e-Books covering the 8 domain content areas. Solidify your understanding by challenging yourself with a Domain Quiz.

Step 3: Practice

Experience the EPPP testing environment through our simulated practice exams. Practice with over 2,200 questions, enjoying unlimited access throughout the duration of your package.

Step 4: Review

Reinforce EPPP content from the detailed rationales included with each question. Access insightful explanations and robust information through AR, enhancing your learning experience for a deeper understanding.

Domain Quizzes

Study in small batches with Domain Quizzes and practice key terms with over 600 virtual flashcards.

Track Your Progress

Stay in the know by tracking your progress and turning your weaknesses into strengths. Watch your scores rise and know when you're exam-day ready.

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