Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools

What Do We Offer?

  • Complete Study Packages
  • Comprehensive Study Volumes
  • Flashcards in traditional and online formats
  • Online Practice Exams
  • DSM Reference Cards
  • Subject-matter expert mentors that provide personalized study plans
  • Live and Online Workshops
  • Online Content and Strategy Lectures
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Student Starter Kits
  • Theories of Psychotherapy Chart
  • Pass Guarantee

TestMASTER Administrative Access

Provides access to your students' or employees' TestMASTER scores at no additional cost

  • Gives you the ability to monitor their progress
  • Supplies you with a report that breaks down how each participant scores in each content area
  • Offers a variety of ways to sort reports
  • Clearly shows student test score improvements
  • Gives you the ability to identify content areas where participants struggle in order to offer additional support within their curriculum

How Does Your Organization Benefit?

  • Access to over 40 years of exam preparation experience
  • Subject-matter experts available to all students
  • Increased graduates' pass rates on the exam
  • Strengthen accreditation reviews
  • Create a new revenue stream for the school
  • Your students will accomplish their goal of becoming a licensed professional
  • Graduates' success on the licensure exam can be a reflection on the school
  • Increase future admissions
  • Encourages alumni to maintain contact and give back to the school

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