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Social Work Basic Study Package - Masters Level

Social Work Enhanced Study Package - Masters Level

Our best value study plan. Social Work Masters Level Enhanced Package gives you 180 days full access. We give you all the tools to prepare you for your Social Work Exam journey from Assessment Exam, exam content, practice, quizzes, and includes an online webinar, printed flashcards, and our pass guarantee.


What You Get With Every Access


Our e-Books are presented in a digital format covering all the domains of the Social Work Masters Exam.

Over 900 Questions

Begin with an Assessment Exam, learn by taking practice tests, and take quizzes on specific areas of the National Social Work Masters Exam.

Over 500 Printed & Virtual Flashcards

Study in small blocks of time. Support long-term memory by reviewing with these flashcards. Study on-the-go with printed flashcards!

Unlimited Practice Exams

You’re not limited to the amount of exams you take. You have access to as many practice exams as you need during your subscription.

This Package Includes our Social Work Exam Live Online Webinar

Boost your confidence, ask questions, and learn essential information and strategies from an exam expert.

What You Will Learn:

  • Proven test-taking strategies
  • Expand your understanding of the key concepts underlying exam questions
  • Review practice questions of current exam topics
Online EPPP Webinar
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Our Program Covers all the Topics of the Masters Exam

  • Theories and Models 
  • Abuse and Neglect 
  • Diversity, Social/Economic Justice, and Oppression 
  • Biopsychosocial History 
  • Assessment Methods and Techniques 
  • Intervention Planning 
  • Direct (Micro) Practice 
  • Indirect (Macro) Practice 
  • Professional Values and Ethics 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Social Worker Roles and Relationships
Online Program

How AR Works

How Academic Review Works

Step 1: Assessment

Begin your studies with an Assessment Exam to determine your baseline score. This will help you understand what the various exam domains look like.

Step 2: Learn Content

Learn the content of the Masters Exam in our e-Books covering the domain content areas. Then test your comprehension with a Domain Quiz.

Step 3: Practice

Simulate the actual Social Work Masters Exam testing environment with practice exams. Practice with over 900 questions with unlimited access during your subscription period.

Step 4: Review

Reinforce Masters Exam content from the detailed rationales included in each sample question. AR includes definitions and robust details so you can get a deeper learning experience when taking practice exams.

Domain Quizzes

Study in small batches with Domain Quizzes and practice key terms with over 500 virtual & printed flashcards.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress and focus on your weaknesses. Your improved scores will help you identify when you’re ready for exam day.

Social Work Webinar

Webinar is for candidates preparing for the Social Work Licensing Exam administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).

The focus of this webinar targets both exam preparation and practice. You will review exam content areas and potential questions, while developing effective strategies for analyzing the structure of the exam questions.

How it Works

This webinar provides live instruction presented within an interactive teleconference while participants are simultaneously logged in to an online classroom.

There is no additional cost for the teleconference service and you can participate from any location that has Internet access.

What You Will Learn:

  • Proven test-taking strategies
  • Expand your understanding of the key concepts underlying exam questions
  • Review practice questions of current exam topics

Academic Review's Social Work Pass Guarantee

Our Pass Guarantee was written with your success in mind. We consider each step in this process essential.

To be eligible for our Pass Guarantee, the following must be completed:

  1. Purchase a 120-Day Subscription or extend your monthly subscription until you total a minimum of 120 days continuously or more in the program (with no break in your subscription) and:
    • Take and complete one Diagnostic Assessment prior to taking the licensing exam.
    • Take and complete all of the questions in the Domain Quizzes area prior to taking the licensing exam.
    • Take at least 12 full-length Mock Exams prior to taking the licensing exam.
    • Must have a 75% or higher passing rate in the last Mock Exam before taking the licensing exam.
  2. Study for at least 300 hours in the Online Program prior to taking the licensing exam.
  3. Take the licensing exam within 1 month of completing the last Mock Exam.
  4. Provide your test results and contact our office within 30 days of taking the exam.

If you follow all of these steps and do not pass your licensing exam, we will provide you with an additional 120-Day Subscription! (All policies are subject to change without notice.)