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Jacqueline Nienaber

Counseling Coach

Jacqueline Nienaber is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has her own practice outside of Seattle, WA. Just like in her counseling sessions she desires to provide empathy, encouragement, clarity, and endurance during what can seem like an endless season of studying.

MaryBeth S. Crane, MA, LMFT, LPCC

Counseling Coach

MaryBeth Crane pursued an education in psychology to fulfill her mid-life career dream. She gained clinical experience working in low-fee, general population clinics, public schools, and private practice settings. Licensed in California as an LMFT, she joined the Education Department at AATBS in 2013, while continuing school-based and private practice counseling. She then contracted to provide counseling to military service members and their dependents. Currently, she works in public behavioral health providing psychotherapy to adults with acute diagnoses, supervising associates, and conducting groups in anxiety management.

For her initial LMFT license, MaryBeth passed the California Standard Written and the Clinical Vignette Exams. As an AATBS Exam Expert, she set her ambition to sit for every exam she was eligible for. MaryBeth qualified for her California LPCC license by passing the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE), the National Counselor Exam for Licensure and Certification (NCE), and the California Grandparenting Jurisprudence and Ethics Written Exams. By passing the national Exam in Marital and Family Therapy, she obtained her Hawaii MFT license.

MaryBeth is available by appointment for personalized coaching, specializing in exam prep for the NCMHCE and also for anxiety management in any program.

Rob Feiner, LPCC


Rob Feiner is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Los Angeles, California. Prior to seeking his license in California, Rob amassed over a decade of experience counseling adolescents in a school setting. Through his years in the academic world, he worked with diverse individuals and groups covering a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, career counseling, interpersonal issues, as well as athletic and performance art potential. Since 1995, he has assumed many different roles in the world of wrestling, jiu-jitsu and the martial arts. He has spent extensive time coaching, competing, and conducting workshops and women’s self-defense seminars throughout the Northeastern United States. In 2003 his martial arts team was also an early adopter of Crossfit integrating its philosophies into the team’s strength and conditioning regimen. In addition to his experience with martial arts, He has a profound passion for the ocean and has been surfing and teaching others to surf for over a decade. Combining his experience in coaching and mental health, He currently teaches athletic and performance based seminars, and works with many high-level performance based professionals and athletes who look to improve output, mend fractured relationships, and find balance in daily life.

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