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EPPP Online Program Subscription

Our EPPP online program subscription based package options give you access to a variety of study tools including E-books, sample questions, assessment exams and flashcards. Choose the access length that works best for you and start studying today.


What You Get With Every Access


Our e-Books are presented in a digital format covering the 8 domains of the EPPP.

Over 2,200 Questions

Begin with an Assessment Exam, learn by taking practice tests, and take quizzes on specific areas of the EPPP.

Over 600 Virtual Flashcards

Study in small blocks of time. Support long-term memory by reviewing with these flashcards.

Unlimited Practice Exams

You’re not limited to the amount of exams you take. You have access to as many practice exams as you need during your subscription.

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Our Study Program Covers all the Topics of the EPPP

  • Study Guide and Sample Schedule 
  • Ethics and Professional Practice
  • Clinical Psychology 
  • Diagnosis and Psychopathology
  • Learning Theory and Behavior Therapy
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Neuropsychology, Social Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Research Design and Statistics
  • Test Construction
Online Program

How AR Works

How Academic Review Works

Step 1: Assessment

Begin your studies with an Assessment Exam to determine your baseline score. This will help you understand what the various exam domains look like.

Step 2: Learn Content

Learn the content of the EPPP in our e-Books covering the 8 domain content areas. Then test your comprehension with a Domain Quiz.

Step 3: Practice

Simulate the actual EPPP testing environment with practice exams. Practice with over 2,200 questions with unlimited access during your subscription period.

Step 4: Review

Reinforce EPPP content from the detailed rationales included in each sample question. AR includes definitions and robust details so you can get a deeper learning experience when taking practice exams.

Domain Quizzes

Study in small batches with Domain Quizzes and practice key terms with over 900 virtual flashcards.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress and focus on your weaknesses. Your improved scores will help you identify when you’re ready for exam day.

Academic Review's EPPP Pass Guarantee