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EPPP Study Volumes

Get a concise and easy-to-understand review of the key exam concepts within each of the exam topics. The e-book version of our Study Volumes are included in your subscription; however, a hard copy set of books is available to you for purchase.

Academic Review's Study Materials cover the exam domains using an A/B format that helps you efficiently organize and consolidate the information.

Part A provides an overview of the key concepts, while Part B goes into greater detail with the concepts.

Part A. Summary of Key Concepts: Provides an overview of exam topics and a way of organizing what you will be studying in Part B. After you have studied a section, the summaries in Part A will be useful for the purposes of a final review before exam day.

Part B. Key Concepts:
Contains in-depth descriptions of the key concepts in each exam topic area.

Additional sections are also included, such as successful methods of study, as well as methods to assist you in learning and applying critical terms and concepts to exam questions.

Chapter Summaries of Key Exam Concepts: Each chapter begins with a keyword outline, which previews the important concepts. This feature enables you to quickly and easily identify critical terms and concepts you'll need for exam day. 

Each section includes a Glossary that defines all critical terms and concepts. The Glossary is extremely valuable as a quick reference guide and for final review before exam day.  

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EPPP - FlashcardsAdd-on Price: $89.00

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Psychology Flashcards

A must have set of over 600 Flashcards - the most effective way to study and retain key terms and definitions!

Learn faster and retain more with these convenient flashcards as you study for this difficult exam. Flashcards include DSM-5 content.

Size: 3.5" x 5"

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DSM-5/DSM-IV-TR Reference GuideAdd-on Price: $65.00

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DSM-5/DSM-IV-TR Reference Guide

A reference of the major changes associated with the most recent DSM revision.

This reference guide will take you through the diagnostic changes by outlining new diagnoses, renamed diagnoses, and modified diagnostic criteria.

A great addition to any study plan or private practice!

Size: 8.25" x 5.25", 79 pages




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